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Physiotherapy in practice is about
prevention and cure.
At Active, we do both.
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TREATMENTS . . . Electrotherapy

In addition to the ‘hands on’ of manipulation and mobilisation, physiotherapy embraces the latest advances in new technology. No modern practice would be complete without a comprehensive array of electrotherapy machines which produce different types of energy waves to reduce swelling, pain and muscle spasm, thereby promoting healing.

At Active Physiotherapy, we routinely use:
Ultrasound – involving the use of high and low frequency sound waves to treat injuries to muscles, tendons and other soft tissues.
Interferential Therapy – an all-round pain management treatment which sends an  electrical current deep into the tissues.
TeNS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) – producing relief by blocking pain messages to the brain.

The use of electrotherapy is related to the type of injury (sprain, haematoma, fracture) and the stage the injury is at (acute, repair phase, remodelling phase). We use our expertise to decide what type of cells we want to stimulate and the best way to influence them.